With over 500 families registered in our database and growing everyday, sponsoring IASC activities provides a great opportunity to local businesses to promote themselves.

The Sponsorship packages are designed to so that you may choose to sponsor 1, 2 or 3 events for the year 2022. Diwali Annual Gala Sponsorship packages are yet to be announced.

For information on our different sponsorship options, please click on the Sponsorship Packages link ABOVE.

IASC thanks you in advance !

SPONSORS- Instructions for filling the form are as below- Please follow exactly.

Payments via Check can be made out to IASC. We will arrange for pick up.
Credit Card Payments can be made through our PayPal link below. 

1. CLICK on the 'BUY NOW'  PayPal Link. It will take you securely through the payment process through PayPal.
2. VERY IMPORTANT-Please fill the form below only AFTER your PayPal payment is processed and hit SUBMIT.