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Volunteers Packing Food

Aid to Farm Workers

With the "Aid to Farm Workers" program, we hope to help with keeping the well being of  farm workers by providing them critical resources 



We are blessed to be surrounded by beautiful green fields just south of Silicon Valley and through this program we support  farm workers who are the backbone of the agricultural economy in California. Without them there would be no food on our table!

The primary goal of the program is to help with essential supplies that enable the safety and well being of farm workers. These include items like hats, sunscreen, gloves etc. We also gather and distribute non-perishable food items.

Program Logistics

United Farm Workers - an organization dedicated to supporting and protecting farm workers from pesticides, and championing immigration reform - is one of the first we have partnered with.


In March 2021 our volunteers provided 100 packets of non perishable food items to be distributed to farm workers based on their needs.


Volunteers can support this program by contributing your time or donating supplies towards our monthly activities.


Coming Soon ...

Contact us

Madhunika Sriram - Program Lead


cell: +1-669-251-9917

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