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Python Programming - June 2021

 8 Python programming classes every Tuesday starting June 15th 2021


Each class is 90 minutes in duration, from 5 6:30 p.m. PST


23 students who would have otherwise not been able to attend such a tutoring program have signed up.

Curriculum designed and taught by high school volunteers at Circle of Giving.


Since online learning is a challenge for many students, in March '21  we launched a new program that provides free, personalized, online tutoring for students who are falling behind academically and are in need of free tutoring.

In June 2021, we also launched an online Python programming course for students, who would have otherwise not been able to get access to such a course, by the student volunteers at Circle of Giving!

Student Volunteer Testimonials

The Circle of Giving made the volunteer forms super easy to fill out and the experience was awesome to work with kids and teach them how to do their homework.

Mathavan Senthilkumar

This was a really unique and fun opportunity. I'm so happy I got to experience tutoring for the first time and this program helped introduce me to tutoring. I am really looking forward to tutoring more often and I'm really grateful for the opportunity. It was a wonderful learning experience for me as an individual as I was able to gain a better understanding of how I can help others better.

- Anushka Kumaran

This experience taught me a lot about communication. I felt as if the COG did a great job at making sure the tutees had a good experience. 

- Aamani Sharma

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Devanshi Madan/Saroja Muralidharan



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